Guillaume Drouin’s Introduction

Guillaume Drouin’s Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to the Gunpla Montréal official website. My name is Guillaume Drouin and I’m the VP of Communication and an editor here on the website.

I bought my first kit at the Montréal Comic Con in September of 2013. My first kit was an HG Gundam Astraea from the photo novel Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. I was familiar with Gundam at the time since I’m a mecha aficionado and also watched Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny when they originally aired on YTV. Interestingly, I wasn’t aware of the existence of Gunpla. When I first saw them on the first day of the Con in 2013, i made a quick search on the internet to learn more about them and bought the Astrea on the last day. I have never looked back ever since. And as far as Gundam series goes I have now watched everything available to the public.

Since that fateful Comic Con I have built more than 15 kits and have more than double that amount in backlog. At first, for each kit that I made, I always made sure to learn and apply a different technique, always learning and improving my skills. By doing this, eight months after I started this hobby, in May of 2014 I won the first place in GoodGuyDan’s North American competition, a small contest held by him with the partnership of for the Reddit Gunpla community.

My main goals for this website will be to present you with fun and interesting articles, review of different Gundam kits and also reviews of kits from other series and companies to help broaden your horizons on the different mecha and anime model kits available to you. One of my goals will also be to teach different techniques for beginners and advanced modelers to help you build your kits like a pro!

Let’s all have some fun and help make this community the best around!

Guillaume Drouin

P.S. Never be shy to leave me a comment or a question in both english or french. I will always answer them to the best of my abilities!

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