Unboxing Laplace’s Box

Unboxing Laplace’s Box

“Those who can correct the flaws of the Universal Century are beginning to emerge. I pray that we can soon find one that can be entrusted to carry Laplace’s box.” – Syam Vist​​​​​

Laplace’s Box, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn’s end goal, the Vist Foundation’s treasure is finally available for you to own thanks to Sun-Star Stationery. For the price of 2,800 Yen, this exact replica of the original charter of the Universal Century can stand on your desk as the perfect tool holder for all your Newtype needs!​​​​

The box is made of really glossy carboard as you can see. On the left side you can see the whole charter (and yours truly) and the monument on the right.​

When you open the top of the box you are greeted by two quotes clearly related to Syam Vist, the head of the Vist Foundation and keeper of the box, as the third flap presents the character.​​
”Even if you use the Box properly, will you return things to the way they’re meant to be?”​​​​​
”There is a matter that I would like to entrust to you, oh Newtypes”​​​​​​

I was truly surprised by the size of the replica. Siting at a comfortable 1/20 scale of it’s size in the OVA and Anime. It’s dimensions are 184mm width x 130mm height and 178mm depth.

Each sides of the charter is composed of six triangular holes. The bigger ones have a depth of 130mm and the smaller 100mm. It’s perfect for storing your pens and other tool that you might need on your desk or workshop.

One of the biggest surprise inside the box was a smaller charter in a 1/100 size for diorama and other Gunpla related purposes. I have placed my Master Grade Ball next to both charter to give you an idea of the size.​​​​

The charter in the middle of the monument can be removed to reveal a bigger storage unit which can be quite useful.​​​​​​

Interested by the grooves in the smaller 1/100 charter i managed to found out online that it can be used to display business cards. Which it does really well!​​​​​


For only 2,800 Yen, the quality of the plastic and size of the monument is well worth the price. The charter itself is glossed plastic and I must again say that the quality is simply outstanding. Reading the charter is a piece of pie and it was perfectly re-created from the show even with the signatures of the various presidents and prime ministers. The addition of a 1/100 size charter is a great feature. Overall I am more than thrilled with my purchase and I’ll be looking forward for more product from Sun-Star Stationery.

A must buy for fans of Gundam Unicorn!

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