Gundam Invades Crunchyroll

Gundam Invades Crunchyroll

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Starting with Iron-Blooded Orphans during it’s release, Crunchyroll has been adding to it’s library a good number of Gundam TV series in the recent months.

Already available on the widely popular streaming service is the aforementioned Iron-Blooded Orphans, which is set to end it’s run this weekend; on the 2nd of April.

Also available is Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096, the badly edited TV version of the exceptional OVA of the same name.

Entering the library in the recent weeks is the fan favorite, in the West, series Gundam Wing and it’s movie, Endless Waltz.

Another favorite from the 90s, the obnoxiously great and perhaps triggering, Mobile Fighter G Gundam also enters the ring.

It is sad to note that those are only available subtitled for now and no plan for an English dub has been announced. A bummer for those of us who wanted to revisit their childhoods.

It is great to note the addition of Gundam Build Fighters and it’s second season, Gundam Build Fighters Try. Anyone who has watched it can agree that it is perfect for introducing loved ones to the magic of Gunpla.

Interestingly, Crunchyroll also added the first and second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. This is really fun for fans as this year marks the tenth anniversary of one of Gundam’s most profitable serie.

One can only speculate as to which show will be available next at Crunchyroll, apart from the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis. But with them and Nozomi Entertainment doing their best to bring back Gundam to the West, I’m sleeping easy.

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