Gundam Twilight Axis Anime Announced

Gundam Twilight Axis Anime Announced

Taking place after the event of Gundam Unicorn, Gundam: Twilight Axis, is Sunrise’s new addition to the Universal Century timeline.

Based on the Light Novel published by Sunrise subsidiary Yatate Bunko and Written by Ark Performance (Arpeggio of Blue Steel), this feature (rumored as an ONA – Original Net Anime – like Gundam Thunderbolt) will be Directed by Se Jun Kim, a veteran Key Animator and Animation Director in the Gundam franchise (Gundam Unicorn, Unicorn RE, Build Fighters, 00, Age).

Translated and edited for clarity, from the official website, the synopsis goes as follow:

”UC 0096, the Earth Federation Government is threatened again by the existence of “psycho frame” technology, after the incident surrounding “Laplace’s box”.

In order to understand that mystery, they dispatched an investigation team to the asteroid Axis, which fall was was prevented due to a psycho frame. Among the members of the study team are two civilians who were officers of the Principality of Zeon Neo Zeon, former engineers and test pilots, called Arlette and Dunton. The survey team who infiltrated Axis are assaulted by a new “Gundam” within the deserted base. There, Arlette and Danton will encounter an unimaginable event ….”

A new Gundam show means of course new Gunpla and Bandai already announced the kits a few months ago at the Light Novel’s announcement.

  • HG Gundam AN-01 ‘Tristan’, 1,620 Yen
  • P-Bandai HG Zaku III (Axis Twilight Ver.), 2,052 Yen

Both are scheduled for a June release.

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