Iron-Blooded Orphans Online Gunpla Contest Competition Winner

Iron-Blooded Orphans Online Gunpla Contest Competition Winner

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great Monday. In the span of the last two months Gunpla Montreal organized a contest where everyone could show us their skills at Gunpla building following the Iron-Blooded Orphans theme. The winner of this contest gets to receive either a 1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos Lupus or a 1/144 Real Grade Sinanju. Gunpla Montreal would like to thank Plamod for our amazing prizes!

We received a total of 4 completed models. This goes to show that anyone could have entered and have a chance to win. And GMTL would like to thank those 4 participants for their hard work!


Justin Michaud with his terrifying Barbatos Leo

Bogdan Bunjevac with his colourful Gundam Amon

Matthew Bartram with his weathered Graze Custom

Geraard Matriz with his Barbatos Ares Rex

The Gunpla Montreal Executives got together and ruled the entries based on the kit’s Build, Paint job and Creativity.

We had the good fortune of receiving incredibly remarkable and creative entries. But a good builder must also make sure his kit is perfect in every way.

The GMTL Execs decided after much debate that the best kit in this competition belonged to Matthew Bartram!

Congratulations Matthew!

This is what he had to say about his building process in the entry e-mail:

“I took the 1/100 Graze Custom and gave it a a weathered snow camo color scheme. The kit was fully base primed with aerosol surface primer then hand-painted and weathered to the final look using acrylic paint. A small amount of panel lining and shading using black and grey pens was added to provide contrast to white armour sections.”

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