Let’s Build a Gundam Part 3: 1/100 Saviour Gundam

Let’s Build a Gundam Part 3: 1/100 Saviour Gundam

Hello again. Let’s pick up where we left off last time.

As you can see here, I went ahead and built the Saviour’s arms and shoulders. The assembly was pretty straight forward and did not involve anything out of the ordinary. That is why I do not show a step by step process.

The same thing goes for the waist…

And the legs.

Important Tip!

Depending on how the instruction manual is written, sometimes in the upper left or right corner of the drawing of the piece you are currently building, you will see an “x2”. That means, repeat what you are doing twice. In the case of the Saviour however, that was not the case. So when you are building the feet, the arms and the legs, it is more than likely that the pieces will be the same just with different numbers. I always like to replicate my building process like that. I find it to be time efficient if I am working in segments. For example if I decide that today is leg day, at least when I am done the unfinished kit can stand up for the time being.

What you see here is the knee area of the kit. I sanded the plastic showcased by the yellow arrows.

I did a snap fit and the knee was still too hard to remove. So I sanded the insides of both holes with my file.

Like so.

And now it goes in no problem and is still snug enough to stay in place. This is Ideal for painting or custom work that will require me to remove it later on.

With this, the kit is almost done. We are only missing the weapons, the backpack and the shield.

Stay tuned for the next article of Let’s Build a Gundam!

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