Summer Heat Part 2 – Epoxy Putty And More Mods!

Summer Heat Part 2 – Epoxy Putty And More Mods!

Originally written by Virgil Romero.

Welcome back everyone! And hai hai to anyone that is new! As the title says, EPOXY PUTTY! I have been working with epoxy putty for about 4 years to make loin cloth, ring mail, fire (like my mix tape), worms, to just basic filling. Why do I prefer epoxy you might ask? The answer is…*drum roll* NO BAKE! That’s a given since gunpla is plastic, and oven creates HEAT, you know where I am going with this.

For this build, I went with Tamiya Epoxy Putty Smooth Surface. It’s a two part epoxy, that when mixed together let’s you create anything on you want!

You can also use Citadel Green Stuff since it is the same thing. Oh, don’t forget to make sure your fingers, sculpting tools, and cutting board are all wet. Water prevents the epoxy putty from sticking. On that note, make sure your model is dry!

 I decided to add more to the back pack, and this was the result! It’s starting to come together, going for an industrial, gritty look. As I worked the putty a little more, this still didn’t look right. Each tank has a pressure unit at the bottom that moves around for increased performance, mobility, durability and covered with kevlar for added protection. I like to add a lore to each suit I build, it gets my mind going!

 Ah, there we go! It still doesn’t feel right. They yellow zip ties act as maintenance locks. To be honest, I thought the clear zip tie would look amazing but I’m starting to have second thoughts.

I continue to look at it, adding on, taking off, adding on, taking off whatever spare parts I had from older gunpla.


A slight rage was getting to me, so I drank some tea, ate some food, and drank some more tea. Green tea for those of you wondering.


End result: took out the zip tie and added a rocket that is acting as tank containing a highly volatile liquid. The putty is still curing, it still needs to be sanded, smoothed out, then washed. The glue is used a filler to seal any gaps, which means more sanding and smoothing out.

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