Let’s Build a Gundam Final: 1/100 Saviour Gundam

Let’s Build a Gundam Final: 1/100 Saviour Gundam

The final stretch! The remaining stages of this build were pretty straight forward so I did not include a step by step process.

Here you see the two “Amfortas” plasma beam cannons and their respective wings built. I really like their design. What is interesting to note here is that the white, red and grey plastic pieces are all separated. Painting them separately is therefore very easy. As I have shown in the previous article, I have sanded the holes of the respective pieces to make taking them apart easier.

Here you have the shield. Pretty cool looking and straightforward to build.

Here you have the finished build.

Important Tip!

It is very important when you are done building a kit that you play with it’s range of motion and try different poses. This will give you an idea of what the kit can and cannot do so that if you decide to paint it, you will not damage your paint job by moving it around and finding out the hard way.

In terms of flexibility, the 1/100 Saviour Gundam is pretty decent but the biggest issue I had was posing the arm holding the shield. It kept getting in the way of the beam saber mounted in the shoulder and the shoulder itself. I will have to come up with a minor mod later on when I decide to paint this guy.

Here are some shots of its mobile armor mode. Funny thing is that this is the first transformable kit that I build.

I hope this Let’s Build a Gundam series was helpful and that it gave you some insight as well as ideas for when you tackle your own builds.

See you next time!

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