Summer Heat Part 3 – Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Summer Heat Part 3 – Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Originally written by Virgil Romero.

Hi everyone, I do hope you guys are enjoying the content we are putting out. As we get close to GBWC at Montreal’s Otakuthon, my summer heat project is coming along very well. On my last blog/article/project, we left off with the weapon and backpack system and working with epoxy.

This article we will see what everything looks like after I prime the model, with that note LET’S GOO!

First thing I’d like to mention is how happy I am with the progress. Coming from a Warhammer 40K background, painting is what I enjoy the most because I see what the final product might potentially look like.

A bit of a spoiler alert: many 40K Space Marine fans will know what chapter inspired me to do this build, while keeping it in the Gundam Universe. After the primer has cured for a full 24 hours, I started with the green base coat. For those wondering I used Citadel Warp Stone Glow and brushed on several thin layers.

Warp Stone Glow layer completed, this took about 5-6 total layers to achieve. Next step I did the edge highlighting and added silver and gold base layers. The surface isn’t smooth, but that was done intentionally. After the base layer I cleaned up the model by painting certain areas black. Biel-Tan Green was then used to wash over the green areas so it gets into the recesses.

 Golden thrusters? Why not?

 At this stage, all the parts have been cleaned, and the green has been highlighted with Moot Green. I’ve got a little more highlighting to do but again, a lot of the detailing work will be done towards the end after the first top coat has been placed.
I painted the metal hoses with Storm Host Silver then washed with Nuil Oil (no gloss).  The next phase is to paint the golds, wash them, clean up the black areas, and a highlight phase.

 The body will also be part of the next phase.

Now before I end this blog, in order to get better at modelling, painting and the overall hobby, I encourage everyone to enter a competition. Do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT get discouraged if you do not win, that is not a good reason to stay in the hobby. I did not win at Anime North, but I did ask where I needed improvement. I wrote down what I needed work on, and I have made a lot of progress. In the future, I will do a comparison of my Anime North Entries vs my GBWC entry.

You only get better by entering, learning, applying and keeping an open mind. I asked tips from many of the GMTL staff and they are by far the most helpful individuals.

With that said, your grass will only be green if you constantly maintain and improve.

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