A Raging Trigger of Gunpla

A Raging Trigger of Gunpla

Originally written by Virgil Romero.

Let me start off with this: This entire article is MY OPINION and also my 7 years of painting and building Citadel models. Also, none of these images are mine, I cannot afford a Titan set up from Forge World. Think PG grades are expensive, the cheapest Titan is the Eldar Revnant Titan going for $357.67 CAD. But back to topic, yes, my opinion.

One of my biggest triggers is elitism, by elitist I mean, those hobbyist who believe that there is only one way to do things and it is the ONLY WAY. F*** NO, there are so many ways to do things. A prime example is painting, I personally hand paint because I can control the paint, brush, strokes, shading, and I can create artificial lighting. Hand painting can do everything that air brushing does. Now, I don’t condone air brushing, eventually I will get one to base coat my models and that’s it. With new people, it’s best to give them information so that way they can make up their own mind in the end.

Gunpla is fun to build, don’t get me wrong, but I use gunpla to take a break from Age of Sigmar and Forge World Models. After Otakuthon, I’ll be posting less and less gunpla models. As you read this article, I am currently painting my Khorne army. But yes, sorry for the short attention span. To be a better builder, painter, hobbyist, I personally believe in opening up your mind. There’s so many models out there and the best (from what I have seen) gunpla builders, also build other things from tanks to planes, to trains. Let’s have a look at other models out there.

Bandai makes highly detailed Star Wars kits, Personally I will be grabbing some later in the year, once I get my Age of Sigmar army completed.

Yamato battle ship from Bandai as well. Looks really badass for a space ship.

Tamiya has been around for a long time, this was one of the kits I built a long LONG time ago. A very fun kit to build for any hobbyist out there.

Warhammer model’s are my favourite, I am not going to hide anything since this is a table top war game that involves building, painting and even converting. I stayed with this hobby for 7 years because I can play with my hard work. The new Age of Sigmar line is super fun! There are many armies to choose from, pick what you think looks awesome and start building.

 Don’t like fantasy and want to play 40,000 years into the future? Citadel has another line called Warhammer 40K where you are set into a galaxy filled with war. Just like Age of Sigmar, you have several races to play from.

Another line from Citadel is Forge World, these are highly detailed resin kits where they CAN be used on the table top. From detailed characters, tanks to the impressive Titans and monsters. Yes, titans.

Different types of Titans from Warhound (smaller ones), Reaver (rocket pods at the top) to the Warlord Class Titan, I can only imagine the day I can afford the Warhound but until then, I can only dream T__T.

I got into the hobby because I like the way models look. From gunpla to titans, it’s best to keep an open mind, and if you want to improve, try out a different hobby. Don’t be an elitist, I do this hobby because I enjoy it, but I also have other mini’s to build and play with. Without gunpla, I wouldn’t have learned brush strokes, coating, decals and improving my skills that carry over into AoS.

Again, this is my opinion, but I hope you learned something from this article.

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