GBWC 2017 Coming Up!

Originally written by Virgil Romero.

Competition is coming up, you haven’t started assembling, some parts are still on the runners, and the competition is in 2 days! Frustrated, tired and every time you see your work in progress, you start blaming things such as stress, timing, work, relationship, family, school…well new flash:


That’s correct! YOU! You have control how you deal with stress, work, timing, family and relationships. Don’t blame them, look in the mirror and ask yourself how can I meet deadlines?

Now now, control your raging trigger, I’m only talking about those who didn’t have a real life emergency. Once the situation is out of your hands, that is understandable.

But we are talking about those who don’t know how to MANAGE their time. There’s an easy way to complete your projects in time: Dedicate 1-2hrs of gunpla every 2-3 days. Instead of sitting down for 3hrs or more hunched over like Gollum forcing my self to work, I work 1-1.5hrs tops on a kit per day.

If you have a family, relationship, school or other important adulting things, then that should take priority. Work around them and work whenever you can.

My current GWBC is almost complete, just a few details left. I bounce back and fourth between my Age of Sigmar and Gunpla. I’m getting projects done on both spectrums while working and going to the gym. It’s all about managing your time. Between Anime North and Otakuthon I had 67 days to complete a new entry. 67 DAYS! More than 2 months to get an entry done.

There’s still 14 days left until the competition, if you can’t complete a project due to a situation out of your control thats fine, life happens. But if you knew you had the time and just got lazy, that’s your problem.

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