Otakuthon: Summer Heat Conclusion

Otakuthon: Summer Heat Conclusion

Originally written by Virgil Romero.

With less a few days until Otakuthon, the pressure builds up since some people JUST started their build 2 days ago, some have had their builds completed weeks ago and ready to rock and roll. For me, well it was good not having to worry about not completing my project, but it only took me 2 weeks to complete the gunpla and another 4 days for the diorama.

 The diorama was the last touch I had to build and this is how they all start: simple wood canvas with my horrible writing. I prefer wooden canvas for diorama’s because they don’t warp over time. I like to write down where things will go, sometimes I change the layout, but most of the time they stay.

 Fast forward several steps later since I forgot to take photo’s of cutting, gluing, and adding debris. Oh, me priming. The angry marine came out of me.

As soon as I came to this conclusion, it was time to call it a night. The following day, after coming home from work, I went with a tan primer, then sprayed black along the walls. These area’s contained steel beams and pipes and instead of me hand painting them black, I decided to spray them white. I went with a tan primer because it helps lighten the gray’s and there’s a noticeable difference in shades. Diorama’s tell a story of what is going on, what the model’s are doing. Are they running away? Hunting down a prey, just landed as reinforcements, how much devastation they can do, and even save their comrades from death.

 The tan primer was very flat and it has a sandy texture (which I was looking for). Those area’s that where sprayed black have a much smoother finish.

 Next was to paint! You can see the different textures that where achieved; gritty concrete walls, broken sections of floors and debris, while the pipes and steel beams sit there rusting away from corrosion. Next was to lay down the road: Ready to lay down basing materials can make the difference on a model. If it’s too bland with just sand it’s boring, but when you throw on cobble stone roads like this, the diorama and model come to light. Final step was to add medium ballast to represent blocks, walls, and roofs completely obliterated. Adding little things like this brings textures to a model and a very important to completing the look. Instead of throwing on a brown wash to paint rust or corrosion, I started with brown and slowly dry brushed orange, over several layers. Second last step was to apply an orange wash to give it a glaze and blend the colors. The final step was to carefully dry brush a 1:1 ratio of brown and orange mix to give it this final rusted and weathered look.

Pyro Zaku looking for any opposing forces to burn with the flame thrower.

I will say, this is one of my most fun projects to have completed, simple color scheme, simple hand painting methods, adding in artificial light, giving Pyro Zaku a pose well deserved. This is my entry for Canada’s first ever GBWC event and I am very proud of it, as for placing, I am not too sure how I will do, I do these events for fun, and how to do better. The lesson’s learned from Anime North have been practiced and applied not only in gunpla, but in my other hobby.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank those who gave me honest feed back and helped me along the way. Until then, I’ll see you guys in Otakuthon! Best of luck to all the entries!

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