The Importance of Competition

The Importance of Competition

Why is competing important and how will it help you improve as a builder? Before you get my answer on the importance of competition, I asked the community why they compete, and the replies varied from person to person. From beginners to guys who have been building Gunpla for several years, from past winners to the young guys, each have their own personal reason.

So what did other’s have to say? Let’s find out!

 “I compete cuz, I just love the experience as much as I love building Gunpla :)” As Mhel R says. Here is his GBWC 2017 entry Hekija Jester.

Competition: GBWC 2017
Name: NXT-001 Genesis
Models: 2xHG Zeong + 1xFM Barbatos + 1xMG Buster Gundam

Johnathan M says: “Personally, I compete to be the very best. I find that there is no better way to measure yourself than to compete 1. Comparing yourself against your peers 2. Be graded on the quality of your build. 3. Socialise and learn from one another. Same reason why we have exams in school is to work hard, confirm your level and set the bar higher every year. Ultimately it is to have the power to create something beautiful with my own two hands.”

This isn’t just an individual’s hobby though, teams, friendships and even a close brotherhood can be created with this hobby. Team Oso is not only a team of talented builders, but also a very tight knit team.

Team Oso // Toronto Canada

 Ariel O: “Oso in spanish/tagalog means bear. we’re brother bears 🙂 For me – it means brotherhood as these guys are awesome” “I compete because I like the challenge.. Learned from both wins and loses and about friendship.. Team Oso really pushed our building limits and we keep raising the bar. Alway move forward.”

Louise M: “I compete because it keeps the fire in me. It helps me improve as well as meet new people. Learn new things and be a better builder.”

 Nathaniel V: “At first , I’m not in the competing level not until I bumped into Team Oso. I compete to open another skill I can acquire, to learn new things from other competitors and from our team as well.”

Bebek D: “Why I compete? It’s my way of learning and the most important is having fun with Team Oso win or lose.”

Joseph L: “Hmm I compete because i just want the feeling of completing a model kit and learning something in the process. That I can truly share after i meet new and old friends on the same competition.Its just pure fun joining. Winning is only a bonus”

As you can see, competition builds friendships, even if you got against your own team mates.

Nicolas Goudreau Tsouria: “Get an idea of my own level
To be the best builder (one day maybe)
Learn from my mistakes and others mistake
Push my creativity.”

Some guys push themselves to new heights in their hobby career. Learning from mistakes, from other’s mistakes and growing as a builder happens when you compete.

Xiao Yang wrote out a list and number 11 is very true, my GBWC 2018 project has been a little heavy on the wallet so far.

  1. You never know how good you are until you went to competition.
  2. The judge can give you advise how to improve.
  3. Reference and inspiration from other’s works.
  4. Motivation to finish a kit, and clean up backlog.
  5. Make friends.
  6. Motivation to build better, and put effort in to the build.
  7. Having ppl looking at your model feels good.
  8. Having ppl taking photo of your model feels bigger good.
  9. Winning a prize feels bigger bigger good.
  10. Getting new worshipers feels bigger bigger bigger good.
  11. Shopping and rip wallet.

Ray L gave us a very in depth reply as to why he competes:
“It’s to see how close do I get to making my vision into reality. I always have these grandiose schemes to do which may not always be practical, or may not work. But the closer I get to the vision the better I feel that I’ve created something that accurately depicted my vision. Competitions give me a reason to come up with a vision and try to reach it within a limited amount of time. It gives urgency to actually finish something instead of leaving it idle for years. Competitions are a means to express my vision and practice my techniques, I don’t care about being the best builder, I just want to be me.”

Andrew HW speaks out:

“Motivates me to get better…and get sh*t done. I’d have 50 unfinished projects if I didn’t have a deadline set that I needed to meet.”
50 is a lot of unfinished models, especially for gunpla.

Nate H made an observation as well:
“To add to the excellent points already posted, I want to compete to show that scale modelling is not a dying art. For many years now, scale modelling has always been regarded as an “old man’s hobby” here in the west. In fact, many IPMS model clubs are mostly composed of elderly folks and middle-aged gentlemen… I remember when Gunpla Montreal co-hosted a competition with IPMS Montreal in 2015, our members were practically the only young participants there. While mecha/scifi modelling tend to attract younger modellers in general, I personally want to showcase my work to the older military modelling crowd. In an age where 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible, I want to show that classic, good-old, man-made crafting skills are indeed still alive in our generation.”

It’s an old art form that will continue on, I started with mini table top war gaming when I was only 12 years old. A lot of guys that have helped me out are older (even older now), and it makes my happy on the inside to see young builders become passionate and motivated about gunpla.

Earlier I mentioned Team Oso about friendly competition with your close friends, and two people that come to mind are Richard and Bogdan. They remind me of an old couple that bicker back and forth and I’m the adopted child in between. But there is no harm nor is there foul between the two, if anything they push each other to be better builders.
Richard Charles: “To beat Bogdan Bunjevac (laugh)”

Richards Sith Lord Dom

Bogdan B: “To show up ppl who think they good lol and to keep Richard Gedeon-Charles in check under me where he belongs hahaha 🙂 🙂 :)”

Second place Martin P has a few words as well:

“-To show the world all the work I’ve put into my model-to push myself a little more than if it was only for myselfThere is also a part of ego I have to confess. It always feels great to meet people who appreciate my work. To get the “love” in the appreciation.To be the best is everybodies dream and to win should just be looked like it’s a bonus cause it’s not the mean reason for building. but hey… I’d love to be the best too 🙂 but some people are too good haha!!To be in a competition is for me to be part of something bigger than just building by myself at home. To get inspire by others and try to inspire others as well by the work I acheived.”

GBWC 2017
Sazabi ver ka

A few more replies from other talented builders.

Justin M: “I don’t compete. I participate.”

Cathy G: “to have a push to be better”

Bryan C: “My 1st time for GBWC was encouraged and now I want to show off my skills!”

Jordan L: “Not there yet but when I am, the reason will be the comraderi that comes with creation.”

Baldwin C: “Really to see other ppls work and get inspiration for the next build.”

Kaz D: “Excuse to finish my many unfinished projects, that’s about it, don’t care who win or lose.”

Adrian B: “Great comments so far! I build to learn about a subject and showcase an idea on my mind. Seeing other people work is a great source of inspiration..”

Stoirme O: “I don’t compete at all. I enjoy building for the freedom of it.”

The answers are different from person to person, but you can see that it builds friendships. Before I got into gunpla I was building Warhammer models, after Anime North I made new friends and improved ever since. So why do I compete? Besides pushing myself to be a better builder, it lets’s me in person, where do I stand with the rest of the nation? Seeing entries online is VERY different from in person, you get to see different angles, the scale, and the details right in front of you. BUT, my most important reason for competition is to get feed back from other builders and judges.

Recently, I have been very thorough with my builds, constantly watching out for mistakes and improving my own set of skills. In the process of building my GBWC 2018 entry I became very brutal of my own work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, I would like to thank everyone who participated and replied. After reading this, I hope you understand the importance of competing and how it can fast track your progress by ten fold.


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