Let’s Build a Gundam – GP03S – Part 1

Let’s Build a Gundam – GP03S – Part 1

Hello again folks and welcome to another Let’s Build a Gundam. Today we will be building one of the first master grades I ever bought: RX-78GP03S. This kit has a special place in my heart as I remember my older brother using it with the Dendrobium Orchis weapon platform in Super Robots Wars 4 and it was just awesome. Everything about this kit design wise I love. The shape and size of the wing binders, the foldable shield, the bazooka, the details on the calves and my personal favorite, the sub manipulators in the forearms are well crafted.

We begin this project by building the sub manipulators. It is one of the gimmicks of the kit that I am really looking forward to. I find the design to be complex yet elegant. In the picture above, what is depicted is a very soft piece of plastic that you have put in place between two other pieces. Be very careful when you are doing this step. If you are not careful, it will fly off to god knows where. Its size will make it near impossible to retrieve. I had to set mine in place with tweezers.

Here we start building the hands. This being my second master grade that I built I am really starting to love those hands. They are a hassle to assemble though in my opinion. The Stamen hands comprise of the palms, four fingers as one plastic piece, the thumbs, and the manipulator guards. What you see in the yellow circle above is the four finger piece clipped to the palm. The joint was so tight that I had to make the clipping hole slighter bigger with my pointy sanding file and push both pieces together with the back of said file. On the plus side, the grip to hold the beam sabers or the weapons will be so strong that you won’t have to worry about the kit dropping the various equipment.

Here you can see the arms, hands and folding sub manipulators assembled. I unfolded one of them for your eyes only. What I like so far is that the kit comes with a set of open hands and weapon holding grips for both arms. Sporting that dual wielding style for the beam sabers or holding the bazooka and the rifle will be possible with the Stamen. This is something that I usually like to do but I always felt limited with HG kits although they are not all the same.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the next update!

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