Gunpla Builders World Cup 2017 – Canada Online Entries

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2017 – Canada Online Entries

As 2017 is closing in on us, so are the GBWC 2017 finals. As shown a few weeks before, the physical part of the competition was held at Otakuthon in Montreal in early August. The competition continued online until the end of October. Bandai and  Plamod have been extremely generous in bringing GBWC to Montreal but also to have chosen Gunpla Montreal to help and represent them.

Congratulations to all the participants of this year’s Gunpla Builders World Cup!

We will soon receive the the total results for both the physical and online portion of the competition. The best Canadian builder will have a chance to defend our honor at the Finals in Japan!

Here are the models in order Bandai received them. We were not given the names of the modelers at this time.


1.Quad Head Epyon – Two MG Epyon and some parts of MG Strike Noir

 2. Dark Destiny – RG Destiny Gundam

 3. Burned and Rusty Zaku I – HG MS-05 Zaku I Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.

 4.Red Rose Knight -Jack of Diamonds- MG AGE-2 Dark Hound

 5. Duke of Hell – HG 1/144 Astaroth Origin

 6.GUNDAM GUSION – 1/100 Gundam Gusion

 7.The origin of all to come – MG RX- 78 -02 The Origin (E.F.S.F Prototype Mobile Suit)

 8.Resurgence – HGUC Palace Athene, HGUC Doven Wolf, HGUC RX-78-2, HGUC RX-78-2 Revive, MG GM Type C

 9. First Launch – Master Grade GM Sniper II and base is from RX-178 Mk II

 10.Rhapsody Gundam – HGBF Cross Bone Gundam Maoh; HGBF Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth Type.GBFT; HGBC Skull Weapon

 11.HG Gundam Astaroth Yang – HG Gundam Astaroth x2

 12. A low-key aristocrat – MG Qubeley

 13.Hamma-Hamma (Angelo Sauper’s Custom) – 1/100 Hamma-Hamma Scratchbuild

 14.Dijeh – Real Type Colors – RE 1/100 Dijeh

 15.Midnight Rose – MG ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

 16.The Crimson Ogre – MG Zaku II High Mobility , MG GP02, Action Base

 17.EMERGENCY REPAIRS – HG Jegan, HG Ball Twin Set

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