Gunpla-Building Ladies

Gunpla-Building Ladies

Hey everybody, first and foremost I would like to apologize because this article was suppose to be a day early, but due to my internet being down I was unable to even write the final copy. With that being out of the way this article is exactly what it means and to show that yes, there are female builders in the community.

The hobby is mostly males and the builds shown are from mostly guys, but I have noticed there are more female builders getting into the hobby via their significant other, friends or their fascination for big robots.

I made a post looking for female builders and got positive feed back with beautifully built kits. The first person I would like to introduce would be Morgan R. 2 Samples of her work here, very clean, simple and stunning build models.

Morgan saw her first kit at Toy’s R Us and it just took off from there. Started doing straight builds, but recently started airbrushing her kits. She’s a veteran builder with 10 years experience and still very passionate about the hobby. Posted below are her most recent kits.


Another builder I would like to introduce is Jarrel C, she got into the hobby with her fascination with robots as a kid and the love for building.

“My love for gunpla started with a gn arms type-e. Im in this hobby for quite a long time but only got serious about 2-3 years ago”. – Jarrel C.

This Barbatos Scarp Yard King is absolutely amazing. The use of colors, diorama, pose, paint and cleanliness makes this one of my favorite Barbatos Lupus Rex models. This is just one of her amazing builds, you can follow her on IG: caseys.gunpla and see the rest of her builds.

 Barbatos Lupus Rex Scrap Yard King

Jodi S. is another builder who got into the hobby because of her husband through some voodoo magic. I joke I joke! She has been building for about a year and this SD build shows how talented she is. Her IG account is: @sakuriedaisuki You guys can see her builds there and how this amazing SD diorama (which took 2nd place). Keep up the awesome work!

I hope everyone is enjoying this article so far because we have more builders on the way! Up next we have Elizabeth L. She’s been into handicrafts and got into model kits when she got into Gundam, she’s even help run events in her area and conventions in the region. Props for helping get exposure! Elizabeth is more into straight builds, but has future plans for custom paint jobs. Can’t wait to see it! But for now this gorgeous build.

Low E has been building for 10 years and has already forgotten how she started, don’t worry, I don’t remember what my first meal was today. But her love for Gunpla and Mcdonalds (We have something in common cause I live the Nug Life). I cannot tell if this build is judging me to be honest, but I love it!

Sarah P got into the hobby from the influence of her boyfriend, her IG: @mortefina has her builds posted there and awesome cosplay as well. Give her a follow and check out her awesome builds!

Jennifer L started around the end of June and was hooked on it like I get hooked on cake after being on a diet for 4 months, in other words, HOOOOKED. As soon as the cold weather passes, she will be able to paint again. She mostly enjoy’s HG’s and RG’s. Keep up the work and cannot wait to see your work!

I will feature Jessy J, who currently runs a FB page called Pinky UC Gunpla Modeler. Check out her FB here:

Hope you guys enjoyed this article featuring some female builders of the community. I know we are all builders under one umbrella, but I am exposing the female builders in a male dominated hobby. Also I am not comparing skills, but again the exposure that there are female builders in the hobby. In the mean time, lets show these builders some love by giving them a follow and like on their IG!

Until next time!

DEUCE DEUCE! <Insert peace sign here>

-Virgil Romero

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