Paintbrush Cleaning Tutorial

Originally written by Virgil Romero. Hey guys! It's been a while since Otakuthon, I was having technical issues from my GPU and was having problems in my private life ever since I got back. But we do our best to provide you (Our favourite readers in the entire universe ^_^)…

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GBWC 2017 Coming Up!

Originally written by Virgil Romero. Competition is coming up, you haven't started assembling, some parts are still on the runners, and the competition is in 2 days! Frustrated, tired and every time you see your work in progress, you start blaming things such as stress, timing, work, relationship, family, school...well…

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A Raging Trigger of Gunpla

Originally written by Virgil Romero. Let me start off with this: This entire article is MY OPINION and also my 7 years of painting and building Citadel models. Also, none of these images are mine, I cannot afford a Titan set up from Forge World. Think PG grades are expensive,…

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