Since August 2014, Gunpla Montréal has been hosting all of Otakuthon’s Gundam and Gunpla panels, workshops, contests, and raffles!

Click here for more information on the GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP – CANADA REGION we hold there!

Otakuthon Information
Dates: August 3rd to August 5th
Location: Palais des Congrès de Montréal (1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5)

Otakuthon 2018

Please note that this list is tentative and is subject to change.

Gunpla Panels/Workshops

Gunpla Building Workshop

A workshop in the Gunpla Area where you can relax and build a free Gunpla kit. The kit and Gunpla-building tools will be freely provided by Gunpla Montréal.

Gunpla Beginner Class

An introduction to Gunpla building and kit bashing. We will cover where to start, essential, tools, tips and basic knowledge, panel lining, nubs, stickers and basic mods. However, this year we bring step up, get ready for Kit-Bashing and basic modification to explore the compatibility of Gunpla kits and “mountains of parts” at your disposal. 

Gunpla Master Class

Building from scratch, for times when all other options are exhausted. Come improve your level and learn a few tricks to improve your technique. Pla, scratch build, scribing and paint will be covered. A must to see for Gunpla Builders. 

Gundam Panels

Gundam Build Fighters & Divers

Fans of Build Fighters, Build Fighters Try, and Build Divers are sure to love this panel where we’ll be talking about the Build Fighters/Divers world, debating about your favorite characters and mobile suits, speculating on what might happen in the currently airing Build Divers anime, and more! 

18+ Gundam Debate Panel

A gentlemanly debate about the Gundam universe… Yeah right, it’s 18+! Be prepared to participate in funny and crude debates about some hot topics in the Gundam franchise. Prizes to be won if you can endure it.

Gundam Gameshows and Raffle Events

Guess that Gundam

Similar to “Guess that Pokemon”, come to this pop quiz-styled trivia game where you test out your knowledge of different Gundam Mobile Suits. There are three great Gunpla prizes to be won! Note: seats are limited.

Guess that Gunpla

Have you built some Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models) before? Try testing your knowledge of Gunpla by coming to this fun pop quiz-styled trivia game! There will be prizes! Note: seats are limited.

Gundam: The Trivia Edition

Want to test your general knowledge of Gundam anime/lore out? Think you know a lot about both UC and AU universes and characters? Come and join this pop quiz-styled trivia game – the top three will win prizes! Note: seats are limited.

Gundam Social

Know nothing about Gundam? Or are you a Gundam expert? Come one, come all to Gundam Social, where you make otaku friends, do fun group Gundam/Gunpla activities, and learn more about the franchise! There are also prizes! Note: seats are limited.

Gundam Scavenger Hunt

Go around Otakuthon to complete fun tasks for this year’s Gundam Scavenger Hunt that runs all weekend! No need to know anything about Gundam, as this scavenger hunt will help teach you about the franchise. First ones to complete all tasks will win exclusive Gunpla prizes! To get the scavenger hunt list, come over to the Gunpla Area.

Gundam Games

Think you’re a Gundam expert? Join Gundam Games, a team vs team competition with fun interactive games such as “Throwing Colony (Darts) on Earth”, “What’s in the Box?”, and “Team Gunpla Speed-Build Challenge”. The winning team with the most points gets prizes! Note: pre-made teams are preferred, and limited spots available.

Gunpla Modelling Contests

Gunpla Builders World Cup (GBWC)

For the second year in a row, we are hosting GBWC at Otakuthon. Come and register your GBWC entry with us! For more information, please click this link

Otakuthon 2017


Gunpla Panels & Workshops

  • Gunpla – It’s Not That Hard!
  • Gunpla 101 Class
  • Intermediate Gunpla Class
  • Master Gunpla Classes 1 & 2
  • Gunpla Paint Class
  • Pla-Build Class
  • Gunpla Free-Build Workshop (free Gunpla kit and tools will be provided)

Gundam Panels

  • “37 Years of Gundam”
  • “What is GBWC”
  • “Gunpla vs Bootleg”
  • “MSV (Mobile Suit Variations)”
  • “10 Years of Gundam 00”
  • “Ars Goetia and Esoterism in Gundam (Demons & Angels)”
  • “0083 a Stardust Memory”
  • “Iron Blooded Badass”
  • “18+ Gundam Panel”

Gameshows & Raffles

  • Name That Gundam
  • Odd Suits
  • Free-To-Enter Raffle Contest for Gunpla Kits

Gunpla/Modelling Contests

  • Gunpla Builders World Cup – Canada Region

Otakuthon 2016


Gunpla Panels & Workshops

  • Gunpla 101
  • Intermediate Gunpla Class
  • Gunpla Master Class
  • Color dat Gunpla!
  • Gunpla Free-Build Workshop (free Gunpla kit and tools will be provided)

Gundam Panels

  • “Gundam for Newbies”
  • “History of Gunpla”
  • “WTF is the Universal Century Era?”
  • “Char vs Darth Vadar”
  • “Odd Mobile Suits”
  • “Iron-Blooded Badass”
  • “Gundam Video-Games”

Gundam/Gunpla Gameshows

  • Name That Gundam
  • Free-To-Enter Raffle Contest for Gunpla Kits

Gunpla/Modelling Contests

  • Junior Category (Ages 14 and below)
  • Open Category (15 years old and above)

Otakuthon 2015


Gunpla Panels & Workshops

  • Basic Building Techniques
  • Advanced Building Techniques
  • How to: Simple Mods To Your Gunpla
  • How to: Different Painting Techniques
  • Gunpla Free-Build Workshop (free Gunpla kit and tools will be provided)

Gundam Panels

  • “Gunpla History”
  • “Originals vs Bootlegs vs Unlicensed Gunpla”
  • “Gunpla vs Plamod”
  • “What are Gunpla Resin & Conversion Kits?”

Gundam/Gunpla Gameshows

  • Name That Gundam
  • Free-To-Enter Raffle Contest for Gunpla Kits

Gunpla/Modelling Contests

  • Gunpla Contest (Theme: “Red, White, and Black”)

Otakuthon 2014


Gunpla Panels & Workshops

  • Gunpla workshop

Gundam Panels

  • “Gundam UC”
  • “Gundam AU”
  • “Gundam Unicorn”
  • “Gundam Build Fighters”
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